We make the world that no one will be unhappy due to infrastructure accidents

We won the Grand Prize in "G-CHALLENGE" which is held by The Graduate School of Management, Globis University.
(January 30th, 2022)

What is "DAC-NOTE" ?

DAC-NOTE is a tablet application service which has been used at the front line of infrastructure maintenance sites such as bridges and dams.

What inspired you to develop DAC-NOTE ?

It comes from my previous job experience.
when I was working for Special High Altitude Technology Co, I always thought
"Anyway, somehow, I want to create my own free time!"
because I was always pressed for time while working tirelessly at one inspection site after another and doing my own internal work.
I had been in a sense, having hard days.

*Photo source...Special High Altitude Technology Co.

DAC-NOTE Corporation: Declaration of Entrepreneurship

We will illuminate each other, engage in friendly competition with our friends, and show the world our "Impactful business and way of life" that will enthuse the world and impact the universe.
With these words, I hereby establish DAC-NOTE Corporation today.
March 30th, 2022 
Masayuki Subaru Okabe, President and CEO, DAC-NOTE Corporation

We make the world that no one will be unhappy due to infrastructure accidents

DAC-NOTE Corporation has been pursuing these goals for 100 years.

DAC-NOTE Corporation, a company that has been in existence for 100 years, is dedicated to connecting and integrating the digital and analog worlds at the forefront of human activity at the world\'s highest level, and to creating the most advanced and efficient infrastructure in the world.

We will connect and fuse "digital" and "analog" at the world′s highest level to produce
"revolutionary time, information, value, and creations" at the forefront of all human activities.

The goal is to create the greatest possible reproducibility and to contribute to the inheritance and development of our human and cultural heritage.

【DAC-NOTE Spirit】

(1) Gratitude, politeness, hospitality and humor.
(2) Think and act, and it will come true.
(3) Let’s move forward together without fear of failure.
(4) Aim for the world′s strongest footwork team...when going to the restroom, let’s running!
(5) We respect the on-site front line, ...let’s get out of the office.
(6) Let’s study humbly from people, books and history
(7) Let’s master "our unique startup path" and make an impact around the world!